Elevator Safety Componients Introduction

        As a kind of mechanical equipment , the elevator has a complex internal structure , and it needs to be overhauled frequently in daily use to ensure the safety of the passengers . Elevator accessories are an important part of the elevator . When using these elevator parts , there are certain requirements and standards , and there are many precautions when taking the elevator . Let’s learn together below .

Elevator doors : Safety sensors and interlocks are installed to prevent the doors from closing if an object or person is detected in the doorway .


Safety gears : These are mechanical devices that engage and stop the elevator car from falling in the event of a system failure .

safety gear

Overspeed governor : It is a mechanism that activates the safety gears if the elevator exceeds a certain speed .

speed governor

Emergency stop button : Located inside the elevator, it allows passengers to immediately stop the elevator and alert maintenance or emergency services .

elevator keypad

Emergency communication system : Elevators are equipped with a communication device , such as an intercom or emergency phone , that enables passengers to communicate with a monitoring center or emergency services .

Fire-rated materials : Elevator shafts and doors are constructed using fire-rated materials to prevent the spread of fire between floors .

Emergency power system : In case of a power outage , elevators are often equipped with a backup power supply , such as a generator or battery, to allow safe evacuation of passengers .


Safety brakes : Additional brakes are installed to hold the elevator car in position when it reaches the desired floor and prevent unintended movements .

Elevator pit switches : These switches detect if there is an object or person in the pit , preventing the elevator from operating when it is not safe to do so .

Safety buffers : Located at the bottom of the elevator shaft , these cushion the impact if the elevator car overshoots or falls through the lowest floor .


Overspeed protection switch : Before the mechanical action of the speed limiter , the switch acts to cut off the control circuit and stop the elevator .

Upper and lower end station overrunning protection : set forced deceleration switch , end station limit switch and terminal limit switch at the top and bottom of the hoistway . Cut off the control circuit before the car or counterweight hits the buffer .

Electrical safety protection : Most of the elevator mechanical safety devices are equipped with corresponding electrical equipment to form an electrical safety protection circuit . Such as power supply system phase failure and wrong phase protection device ; electrical interlocking device for landing door and car door ; emergency operation device and stop protection device ; maintenance and operation device for car roof , car interior and machine room , etc .



      It’s important to note that elevator safety components may vary depending on the specific elevator model , building codes , and local regulations . With all of the above devices , passengers can have a safe , smooth , and fast ride experience . TOWARDS ELEVATOR is strictly following elevator security rules , providing high quality , high precision products to all of the clients . We appreciate your trust , Towards Elevator , towards better life !