LIFT Modernization

In recent years , with the rapid development of the elevator market , a large number of old elevators have appeared on the market , and most of them can not work properly anymore . However , the cost of replacing a new elevator is too high , then elevator modernization has emerged as the times require .

Elevator modernization , also called on-site modernization , refers to the upgrading and modification of existing elevators by using new technologies , new materials or improving equipment performance to achieve the purpose of improving elevator operating efficiency , enhancing elevator safety and reliability . Elevator modernization is generally divided into two types : comprehensive modernization  and partial modernization . The comprehensive modernization is more comprehensive , including elevator machine room equipment , control cabinets , door wheels , wire ropes , cables , etc . Partial modifications only modify some equipment , including controllers , door covers , push rods , etc .

So , please contact us for more support , make your elevator like new-born . Towards Elevator , towards better life !

Modernization case 1 :


Change controller system (nice 3000 control cabinet)


Modernization case 2 :

Schindler TX

Change inverter (nice 3000)


Modernization case 3 :

Toshiba TMLG14B

Change control cabinet (nice 3000)