About Us

Towards Elevator In South Africa OEM

When you first heard about “TOWARDS”, it might be only one word. However it will become a new attitude to life from now on.
Basing the italian technology, international advanced management, manufacturing and service platform, TOWARDS set up a full chain, from product R&D, manufacture, sales, installation, maintenance and modernization for elevator & escalator. Guide you to a better life!
“Towards Elevator, Towards Better Life” is our mission. This will be realized not only by the workers who are manufacturing the elevators or engineers who are designing it, but also the passengers who are taking a ride of it.
Technology-oriented objectives is what we are insisting in our elevators and escalators. Safety, protection, comfort are what we are considering. Parts testing before usgae is what we are doing.
Towards Elevator is becoming one of the leading elevator & escalator suppliers all around the world. Welcome to join us!
Towards Elevator, Towards Better Life!